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A Message from Cristina's Family & The Cristina M. Gomez TBI Foundation, Inc.

On behalf of Cristina, her parents, and the rest of our family, we thank Home Depot, Florida International University, Sole Runners, the clinical research community, and all of those individuals and organizations around the world who have given us donations and provided support. We also wish to thank those friends who provided the gift of their time, who brought meals to the hospital; those who called, texted, or visited Cristina daily in an effort to bring us love and support during the most difficult of times.

Additionally, we thank the pastors at Miami Vineyard Church, and Christ Fellowship Church, for your prayers, your visits ..... for remaining by our side when we needed comfort, hope and faith.

A special thanks to Cristina's closest friends/colleagues (Stephanie & Marilyn), and her FIU sorority sisters who've dedicated their time to fundraising events in an effort to alleviate her parents of her ongoing medical expenses. 

Thanks to everyone's combined efforts and contributions, patients like Cristina will be getting the best care possible through the Cristina M. Gomez TBI Foundation, Inc.

 May your donations come to you tenfold and may God always bless you!   

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